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Back in March, I reported here on the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015, also known as the Customs Bill, and reflected on what it might mean for coffee. Since then, a lot of ink has been spilled in coverage of the law and its implications for U.S. industry.  Not all of that […]

Social Capital and Water

Twenty years ago, I was in the Peace Corps in Honduras working on water systems, and one of the biggest lessons from that experience was the conviction that if a community could come together and build their own water system, they could do just about anything. When people in a village or small town can […]

Coffee’s role in the future of a peaceful Colombia

A few weeks ago, some exciting and hopeful news came out of Colombia.  You might have missed it, as It was predictably lost in the news cycle which was dominated by the horrific mass shooting in an Orlando night club; the permissive gun laws in the US; the Brexit and its global economic ramifications; the […]