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SCAA Blue Print on Water Security at Origin

SCAA has just published the Blue Print for Water Security in the Coffeelands as part of its series on critical issues at origin. The Blue Print’s purpose is “to support action by coffee stakeholders committed to increasing water security at origin”   I believe the Blue Print can serve as a useful reference for highlighting […]

Judges cup robusta at the Taza Dorada in Ecuador.  Photo by CRS.

The Borderlands project took place on two sides of the Colombian – Ecuadorian border.  In Nariño we know about the hidden potential to produce high quality Arabica coffees.  We’ve shared some of the stories from there previously on this blog.  Less than 100 miles away, while the Andes mountains continue tracing the spine of South […]

Last Friday marked 14 years from the day I started at CRS.  Yesterday was my last day. For nearly half that time, I have been writing this blog.  More than 500 posts.  Nearly a half-million words.  Over 1,000 comments online and some multiple of that number offline.  I want to thank you for reading it, […]